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Car & Home Fragrance

Yankee Candle just do not offer candles to fragrance your home, we also have many other products that do not need a flame. Plus we are the No1 seller for car products in the world! Read more

Yankee Candle car jars are the no 1 selling car air freshener in the world, and just just perfect for your car but also small spaces as well, like office cubicles, closets and many more. They can last up to 4 weeks. 
Also available to fragrance your car , new innovation Ultimate Car Jars, fragrance lasts up to 30 days, using proven EVA (a scented plastic polymer) so the gel will not leak, and they are also odour eliminating. 
Or try Yankee Candle vent sticks in any vehicle air vent and fill the air with authentic Yankee fragrance. Each vent stick provides continuous fragrance for up to two weeks. 
We also have a range of products for travelling , like travel sprays and travel tins.